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Who does not love the classic videos games they grew up with? Everything from Pac-Man to The Mario Brothers, those are the games I grew up with, and I will be the first to say I love the original arcade games. Times have changed since the original arcades were released, and this day in age an entire arcade can be built in home for under $500!!! You read that right, for around $500.00 if you have the proper resources you can build your own arcade. However, since the arcade companies choose not to sell the boards or even copies of the game rights to load onto the arcades, which I have tried, and was not successful, see the email from Namco below. This was a reply to me when I was asked if there was anyway to get the Jamma boards at a reasonable price as I like to build/restore arcades with my son.


I appreciate your reaching out. As you know, we have been manufacturing arcade quality games for home use for over 17 years. As well as the arcade games that we've made for as long as we've been in business.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a "cheap" board as you seek. Since we have to adhere to the FCC rules and all our products must go through stringent UL testing, we tend to be a bit more expensive than the bootlegs. Plus, even though we are a subsidiary of Bandai Namco, we still pay license fees for all the games. We also do marketing, advertising and promotions to keep the brand alive which all costs$$ and keeps the interest in the Classics high.

The same way that Mickey continues to produce revenue for Disney. Our IP continues to provide a revenue stream for us. It is good to know that both the Federal government and some local governments are cracking down on all types of IP theft.

We appreciate your continuing to be a law abiding citizen. Also, be careful selling games without FCC and UL testing.  If one of your cabinets has an issue and starts a fire in someone else's home, you could be held responsible.

Happy Gaming!"

That email was from Frank Cosentino Senior VP of Bandai/Namco Entertainment.

I kind of got a kick out of it. I let him know how much my son and I love to build and restore arcades together. My goal was to see if there was a way to get jamma boards with one game for under $100, which seemed reasonable. As you can tell from the response I received, they are not willing to sell thier product for a reasonable price, so here is where you come in! 

With all of the technology in the world today, I am asking for help! Let's build a true arcade gaming network together!

ArcadeMaker.net will be the hub to take a stand and take back arcade gaming! I am not stating that we should run illegal roms, if that is what you were thinking.  What I would like to do is create a site and later a database where we can interconnect all of our arcades and play them together. For instance "Retro Pi Platform", it can be whatever we collectively decide, but this was the best one I can think of off hand. Unfortunately, we will not be able to have our old favorites as they are copyrighted but we get to be creative, and will have our own games. 

So we are looking for coder, makers, graphic designers and well anyone that has a love for arcade games and a little spare time. Currently I am working on getting a store setup at ArcadeMaker.com to sell cheap parts/kits for people that want to create their own gaming consoles and do not have a way to make them, which will help grow our arcade community here. 

Again ArcadeMaker.net will be the forum and backbone of this movement. What are you waiting for? Join The ArcadeMaker.net Forum now!